Modernising Fuel Distribution Chains  

Integrated Transport and Inventory Management System built for fuel


The fuel distribution sector demands a seamless coordination between inventory and transport optimisation to elevate customer service standards

Fragmented optimisation - handling inventory and transport separately - can inflate transport expenses and lead to either stock-outs or oversupply in various locations.
M2X dispatch software on displayed on multiple devices
M2X dispatch software on displayed on multiple devices

A Tailored Transport & Inventory Management System purpose-built for Fuel Distribution

Aiming to enhance revenue, cut costs, and deliver exceptional service simultaneously, the fuel distribution industry needs innovative solutions.

The M2X NZ solution is crafted specifically for the complexities of the fuel ecosystem. It's software that assists you in brilliantly serving your customers while maintaining compliance and cost-efficiency.

A unified digital ecosystem for stakeholders

World-class fuel optimisation

Digital efficiency advancements

Carrier TMS integrations ecosystem icon

A Collaborative Digital Ecosystem linking all stakeholders in the Fuel Distribution Chain

A centralised platform enabling stakeholders to efficiently communicate in real time.

Streamlined management of your entire distribution network

Hassle-free communication between schedulers, dispatchers, drivers, locations & customers

A comprehensive solution for replenishment, scheduling, and dispatch

Strengthening Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) capabilities, enhancing confidence in delivering high-value services for NZ customers and locations

Efficiency Enhancements through Digital Transformation

Digitise your fuel distribution chain to clarify "when to deliver," enabling efficient decisions on "how to deliver." Comprehensive digitisation supports accurate customer invoicing.

Minimise admin time, phone calls, and emails

Reduce mistakes to help prevent stock-outs, costly urgent deliveries, and balance-offs

Eliminate redundant processes

Swiftly reconcile trip and inventory

Real-time insights into upcoming and completed deliveries as well as proof of deliveries

M2X dispatch software on displayed on multiple devices

Optimisation: The Essence of Our Approach

A singular solution with multi-layered optimisation for inventory and transport.

Provide outstanding customer service with zero stock-outs, while maximising delivery and minimising distribution cost across New Zealand

A Contemporary Fuel Management System

Innovative technology provides a top-tier fuel solution through automation and optimisation
Smart Scheduling
Forecasting and replenishing inventory
Route & Fleet Optimisation
Optimising tanker loading across multiple products and compartments
Automated Quoting
Dynamic route optimisation considering New Zealand's unique geography and regulations
Driver Mobile App& Live Tracking
Combined VMI and CMI orders in routing and optimisation
Inventory Tracking
Incorporating true mass management in routing
Analytics & Dashboards
A fuel-specific NZ driver app to record deliveries and ensure complete inventory accountability

Enhanced Visibility

A complete view of your transport network

Improved inventory visibility, both in tanks and transit across New Zealand

Identify supply chain inefficiencies through in-depth analytics and real-time reporting

Elevate transparency across transport and inventory at every stage

Reconciliation ensuring full fuel accountability

M2X dispatch software on displayed on multiple devices

Effortless Integrations

Integration with ERP, accounting, and telematics systems, allowing smooth and precise information flow.
Readily available integrations, plus customised solutions if required.
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More Than Just Software - A Commitment to Excellence
The M2X NZ team is dedicated to collaborating with our customers to digitalise and optimise fuel distribution chains.
Our team is always ready to answer any questions and provide support.