Modernizing Livestock Supply Chains

Transport Management System for Livestock


The livestock industry needs more visible, integrated and optimised supply chains

Connected and optimised supply chains enable smarter decisions on the allocation and organisation of livestock transport. The adoption of platform technology creates a more efficient and visible transport network.
M2X dispatch software on displayed on multiple devices
M2X dispatch software on displayed on multiple devices

A Transport Management System purpose-built for livestock

The M2X TMS is designed specifically for the livestock ecosystem with all its real-world complexities.

Create a digital ecosystem with everyone on the same page

Digitize the livestock supply chain to improve efficiency

World-leading optimization to reduce distance travelled and time animals spend on trucks

Dynamic, real-time and simple

M2X dispatch software on displayed on multiple devices

A Digital Ecosystem connecting all stakeholders in the livestock supply chain

Stakeholders can see and interact with the same information allowing everyone to communicate efficiently in real-time

One centralized platform to manage your entire supply chain

Easy communication with your carrier network, site operations and agents

Efficiency gains through Digitization

Digitize your entire supply chain from transport bookings, scheduling and dispatching, to delivery confirmation, invoicing and payments.

Reduce admin time

Reduce phone calls and emails

Reduce errors

Remove redundant processes

Easily work through carrier reconciliation queries and manage account statuses

M2X dispatch software on displayed on multiple devices

Optimization is at the heart of everything we do

Our smart routing and dynamic mapping tools decrease kilometres driven, time on the roads and the cost to haul.
Improving transport efficiency reduces the time animals spend on trucks and improves animal welfare.

Enhanced Visibility

View your entire transport network in one place.

Improve visibility across your network of suppliers by curating a robust location database

Identify inefficiencies in the supply chain through a comprehensive analytics suite and real-time reporting

Improve transparency across your transport flows through every point in the supply chain

M2X dispatch software on displayed on multiple devices
M2X dispatch software on displayed on multiple devices

Automated Freight Pricing

Our flexible rating engine allows you to customize and automate your pricing agreements across different customers, animal types, locations and more.

Automating pricing of freight reduces the possibility for error and leaves your team more time to focus on other tasks.

Centralize and streamline your billing processes, reducing the time taken to make payments to carriers and drivers.

Simplified Site Management

Live Arrivals Boards show what is arriving and when.

Analytics and DIFOT reporting give clear insights over transport flows.

The Weekly Planner gives schedulers complete visibility over available inventory ready to dispatch across sites.

Seamless Integrations

Integrations to ERP, accounting and telematics systems allow information to flow easily and accurately. We have a range of out-of-the-box integrations, plus custom integrations if required.

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A TMS to help achieve your Sustainability Goals

We are passionate about improving the efficiency and sustainability of livestock supply chains.

Our purpose-built technology improves efficiency and reduces carbon emissions through both digitizing and optimizing supply chains.
"We realized just how inefficient we had been once we had a better way to do the work. We’ve gotten way, way more accurate in everything from scheduling pickup through to billing, but especially in calculating freight costs for each truckload. Now we have an accurate headcount, accurate mileage, accurate owner data (name and address), and the freight costs are calculated in the software rather than across Google Maps tabs and paper."
Regan Caviness
Caviness Beef Packers
"Through digitising and optimizing our transport bookings with M2X technology, we have reduced the distance travelled on our roads - a great sustainability benefit, as well as reduced the time animals spend on trucks - a great animal welfare benefit."
Dan Boulton
General Manager Supply Chain - Silver Fern Farms
"Implementing the M2X system across our livestock reps, planners, plants and carriers has enabled Alliance and our transport managers to work together digitally in real time and be more efficient in our planning, booking and dispatch of livestock transport."
David Surveyor
CEO - Alliance
OTL livestock transport truck
"Usually what people say they can deliver, they can't; however with M2X they have delivered everything we wanted and more. James from M2X has been brilliant, and has gone above and beyond what we expected. Integration with Xero is seamless and excellent"
Carolyn Christian
Owner from OTL
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