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Winner NZ Hi Tech Awards 2022
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We are proud to be working with leading agricultural companies
M2x Finalist Hight Tech awards
"Congratulations to M2X for being named as the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise Agritech Most Innovative Hi-Tech Agritech Solution for 2022! This year the judges had an exceptionally high standard of entries. The technology and international market engagement by all finalists led the judges to recognise the potential domestic and international dramatic impact of the M2X offering, this year’s winner of the Agritech section. M2X's ability to revolutionise transport and logistics for the primary sector, saving costs, time and climate impacts are game changers in the entire food production ecosystem. M2X appears an exceptional company with a very bright future."
2022 Hi Tech Awards
M2X and Silverfern Farms

"Silver Fern Farms is proud to be an early partner of M2X.  Through digitising and optimising our transport bookings with M2X technology, we have seen exciting improvements in the efficiency of our livestock transport - we have reduced the kilometers travelled on our roads - a great sustainability benefit, as well as reduced the time animals spend on trucks - a great animal welfare benefit.

As we roll out transport optimisation across our network, we are on track to save 1 million trucking kilometres. Silver Fern Farms has a vision to be the world’s most sustainable red meat company, and we look forward to working further with M2X to help meet our sustainability goals."

Dan Boulton, General Manager Supply Chain - Silver Fern Farms
M2X and Open Country

"Open Country has been an early supporter of M2X technology, with implementation of the M2X digital ecosystem across its milk collection, transport operations and tanker drivers. This has enabled Open Country and its transport partners to work together digitally in real time and be more efficient in our planning, scheduling and dispatch of its milk tankers.

Reducing unnecessary trucking kms is an important part of improving the environmental impact of our industry. We are passionate about embracing new technology to reduce wastage, optimise resource use and protect our environment"

Steve Koekemoer, CEO - Open Country
M2X and Alliance

"Alliance Group is proud to be an early supporter and adopter of M2X technology. We recognised the opportunity that the implementation of the M2X digital ecosystem offered, not just from a technology perspective, but even more importantly from a sustainability one.

Implementing the M2X system across our livestock reps, planners, plants and carriers has enabled Alliance and our transport partners to work together digitally in real time and be more efficient in our planning, booking and dispatch of livestock transport. Reducing unnecessary trucking movements is an important part of improving the environmental impact of our industry. We are passionate about embracing new technology to reduce wastage, optimise resource use and protect our environment.

We congratulate MX2 on their finalist status and look forward to continuing to strengthen our partnership".

David Surveyor, CEO - Alliance
M2X and Ballance

"For the last 60 years, the Ballance Agri-Nutrients team has been focused on delivering two key customer promises, surety of supply and affordable fertiliser - helping farmers and growers be sustainably productive – we have achieved this through a future-focused innovation programme. As part of that programme, we have been looking at new technology to support the management of our transport network.

The implementation of M2X's digital ecosystem across our hubs, service centres, consignment stores and carrier network has facilitated live connectivity between transport stakeholders that improves communications and planning, decreases administration, and reduces congestion and wasted trucking kms. We are excited by the transport efficiency opportunities that M2X's technology provides and look forward to continuing with them on our journey towards zero carbon while improving our service through to our customers".

Mark Wynne, CEO - Ballance Agri-Nutrients

TMS Software Designed for Optimization

Optimisation is the heart and strength of what we do.

Our years of industry experience, together with research and development in optimisation, have led to advanced algorithms built for the practicality and complexity of the transport and logistics industries.

By analysing billions of possible scenarios, we allow your business to make stronger decisions based on more data, more analysis and more computational power than otherwise possible.

Emmerson Transport
"Switching our whole business over to an entirely new system overnight could have been stressful - however M2X was there with us every step of the way and the go live experience went incredibly smoothly. We're now enjoying the benefits of a modern, functional and powerful TMS, allowing us to focus on delivering the best possible service to our customers."
David Hill
Commercial Manager from Emmerson Transport
Hyslop rural livestock transport truck
"Using M2X has allowed us to reduce our downtime with the links to maps. Knowing stock numbers and being able to allocate the loads / pickups to drivers via their phones is a great asset. The drivers have picked it up quickly and it's great for new drivers who do not know the area of if they get sent somewhere new. It has been a great help to us".
John Hyslop
Owner Hyslop Rural
Farmlands Co-Operative company logo
"Interaction with carriers has been fantastic. Feedback from the team is that M2X is a great system, easy to use, and intuitive"
Peter McCutcheon
Farmlands - Logistics Manager
Wareings blue fertiliser spreader truck in green field
"My favourite feature is the optimizer. It runs a very efficient platform incorporating driver hours, loading time, and unloading times. Dealing with M2X staff has made change so much easier - Give the good buggers a ring they will sort everything out"
Matt Oates
Dispatcher from Philip Wareings Transport
Silver Fern Farms company logo
"M2X is a huge help, it is simple and straightforward.  It makes everyday life a whole lot easier than it used to be" - "The M2X team are amazing, I really enjoy working with them. They are always helpful and professional, I feel like part of the team."
Anne Smith
Silver Fern Farms
Ballance company logo
"M2X has changed our world, we can easily see where all carriers are and if they have any capacity at any given time, ETAs into stores is fantastic." - "M2X has helped in many ways, the main way is to view our entire network in one place. All freight tasks are easy to see, in real-time, and digitized".
Kent Clark
Transport Manager from Ballance
Green truck and trailer tip truck
“Temuka Transport was looking for a while for an IT application for tablets in trucks to help move to a paperless work environment. We chose to go with M2X from November 2019. Three of our big customers also use M2X through an EDI system, this means work automatically turns up on the dispatcher’s screen for allocation to trucks for the required delivery date and time."
Murray (Muzza) Prentice
Dispatcher from Temuka Transport
Yellow and white livestock transport truck
“We have been using the M2X app for bookings from meat companies for more than a year now. I have always found this system simple to use and the staff at M2X very efficient. The way the system works for booking the transport of livestock is beneficial to our daily schedule. I have a view of the week’s programmed bookings which allows our company to complete other jobs around these loads."
Jane Fitzgerald
Owner from D & J Fitzgerald Transport

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