TMS Optimization & Software Features

As simple or advanced as you want it to be

Simplified Dispatch Software

Dispatching in M2X has evolved with and for our dispatchers – we’ve focused on keeping it simple with easy access to useful tools that make the day-to-day better.

The Daily Jobs page allows you to do all the important tasks from one place.

You can explore the wide range of powerful tools at your own pace, you decide – keep to the basics or go advanced.
M2X Devices

TMS Software for all Divisions and Branches

Having your whole team working in one platform allows greater visibility, coordination and efficiency of your people and assets.

You can set up your different divisions and branches and then each user is able select their relevant view of work.

With everything in one place you can then optimize across your entire business.

Location Management

Building and updating your database of locations is a powerful tool. It's quick and easy to add locations on the fly. These are then saved for the next time you need them.

Add location notes, hazards, contacts and other details

Set your access points for each location

Drop a pin on your loading/unloading locations

Drivers will receive location information on their mobile app when completing each job.

Accurate locations allow for precise quoting and optimized routing.
M2X Location Management
M2X Optimize Trucks

Optimized Truck Suggestions

Optimization helps to suggest the most efficient and profitable allocation of work across your available fleet.

Enter your jobs for each day

Select available fleet and spin the optimizer

View the optimizer's suggested truck assignments

Apply or make any changes – you have the final say

Optimized Dispatch Suggestions

The optimizer lays out the day’s work in the best and most efficient way possible. This quickly becomes a dispatcher’s starting point for a truck's daily schedule and can be easily modified if needed. Any changes and the truck is automatically re-routed. Easy and effective dispatching.
M2X Optimized schedule suggestions
M2X Rate management and price automation

Rate Management and Price Automation

Our pricing engine is powerful and comprehensive and can help your business to automate pricing agreements with ease and precision. Rate structures include distance-based rates, freight breaks, unit breaks, zone-based rates, Precision Pricing™ and many more.  

Precision Pricing™ is a pricing tool that provides a time and materials-based pricing model to align transportation pricing with the work done. With this technology you can price on a cost plus margin basis with confidence.

Driver Mobile and Live Tracking

Keep life simple for your drivers so they can focus on what’s important.

Our driver mobile is cloud-based which means information is stored when out of mobile reception and communication with your drivers is live, quick and easy.

Dispatchers can send and receive notes and communicate changes to the driver’s schedule in real-time.

Drivers can update quantities, add attachments and capture signatures simply on-the-go. GPS tracking helps to keep track of drivers progress throughout the day.
M2X Driver mobile and live tracking
M2X Analytics

Logistics and Transportation Analytics

Dynamic real-time analytics displayed across dashboards to get insights of performance across your business.

All graphs and tables are updated continuously.

Pick a time range and select what you want to see

Analytics are displayed in real-time

Inventory Tracking

Our inventory tracking tool is able to keep track of your supply levels as loads are dispatched in and out of your storage location. Values are displayed in real-time across graphs and dashboards to make it easy and save you time. In case of transactions outside of the TMS, manual adjustments can be recorded at any time.

Set up your storage location

Set up the product you want to track

Let the inventory tracking tool do the counting for you

Inventory tracking

Seamless integrations

Streamlined integrations to ERP, accounting, and telematics systems.
Out-of-the-box solutions plus customised integrations if needed.

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Integrate with M2X Enterprise Clients

Bookings and payments are streamlined through M2X for your integrated enterprise clients. Your bookings will show up digitally in your TMS – reducing the phone calls, texts and emails you need to keep track of. You can dispatch these bookings straight to your trucks.

You can also check your payment details and raise queries prior to invoicing. This reduces administration and keeps track of the status of your consignments.

If you work with one of our integrated enterprise clients, you already have access to our Standard TMS package and are eligible for a discounted Premium TMS upgrade.
Integrate with M2X enterprise clients