Modernizing Energy Distribution Chains

Transportation and Inventory Management System built for Energy


The energy distribution industry needs a more dynamic connection between inventory optimization and transport optimization to serve its customers better

Optimizing inventory separate from transport will escalate transport costs. Optimizing transport independently of inventory forecasting optimization will result in increased stock-outs at some locations and oversupply at others.
M2X dispatch software on displayed on multiple devices
M2X dispatch software on displayed on multiple devices

An all-in-one Transportation & Inventory Management System purpose-built for Fuel Distribution

The fuel distribution industry needs to improve revenue, reduce costs and deliver great customer service – all at the same time.

The M2X solution is designed specifically for the fuel ecosystem with all its real-world complexities. Software that helps you serve your customers brilliantly in a compliant and
cost-effective way.

A digital ecosystem connecting all stakeholders

Efficiency gains through digitization

World-class optimization for fuel

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A Digital Ecosystem connecting all stakeholders in the Fuel Distribution Chain

A digital ecosystem where all stakeholders see and interact with the same information,allowing everyone to communicate efficiently in real-time.

one centralized platform to manage your entire distribution network

easy communication between schedulers, dispatchers, drivers, locations & customers

all-in-one replenishment, scheduling and dispatch solution

build and strengthen VMI capabilities - providing the confidence to take on more high value services for customers and locations

Efficiency gains through Digitization

Digitize your fuel distribution chain so the “when to deliver" is clear, enabling efficient “how to deliver" decisions. Full digitization of “how much was delivered" and trip reconciliation supports accurate customer invoicing.

Reduce admin time, phone calls and emails

Reduce errors to help eliminate stock-outs, urgent & expensive deliveries, re-directs and balance-offs

Remove redundant processes

Easily work through trip and inventory reconciliation

Real-time visibility of upcoming deliveries as well as proof of deliveries

M2X dispatch software on displayed on multiple devices

Optimization is at the heart of everything we do

A single solution with multiple optimization layers for inventory and delivery transport optimization.

Provide great customer service with no stock-outs, while maximizing litres delivered and the lowest possible distribution cost.

A Modern Fuel Management System

Leading-edge technology delivers a world-class fuel solution through automation and optimization
Smart Scheduling
Inventory forecasting and replenishment order generation
Route & Fleet Optimisation
Multi-product, multi-compartment tanker mass loading optimization
Automated Quoting
Distribution route optimization factoring in dynamic priorities on the replenishment
Driver Mobile App& Live Tracking
VMI orders and CMI orders combined in optimization and routing
Inventory Tracking
True mass management included in routing
Analytics & Dashboards
Fuel specific driver delivery mobile app to record deliveries, dips and ensure all
inventory is accounted for

Enhanced Visibility

View your entire transportation network in one place

Improve visibility across your inventory – in tanks and in transit

Identify inefficiencies in the supply chain through a comprehensive analytics suite and real-time reporting

Improve transparency across your transportation flows and inventory through every point in the supply chain

Reconciliation to ensure all fuel bought and sold is accounted for

M2X dispatch software on displayed on multiple devices

Seamless integrations

Streamlined integrations to ERP, accounting, and telematics systems.
Out-of-the-box solutions plus customised integrations if needed.

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More than Software
The M2X team are committed to working together with our customers to digitize and
optimize fuel distribution chains. Our team is always available to answer any of your questions.