Transport Management System for the Dairy Industry


Our dairy industry needs sharper, more connected supply chains

The adoption of platform technology helps establish connected, data-driven ecosystems that are more efficient, transparent, and productive for stakeholders across the supply chain.

Build resilience for supply-chain disruptions

Future-proof your operations against resource shortages

Climate-smart technology for a greener planet

M2X dispatch software on displayed on multiple devices
M2X dispatch software on displayed on multiple devices

Technology purpose-built for the complexity of Australia’s dairy industry

Designed from the ground up by industry experts, leveraging modern technology to produce a brilliantly intelligent and beautifully simple Transport Management System (TMS).

Digital end-to-end ecosystem

World-leading dairy optimisation

Dynamic, real-time and simple

A Digital Ecosystem

Securely and collaboratively unifying dairy industry stakeholders, with one consistent source of information
Carrier TMS integrations ecosystem icon

World-leading Optimisation for Dairy

Boost efficiency and reduce kilometres driven and time taken for milk collection using optimisation.
Lower emissions by minimising unnecessary transport movements.
Reduce CO2 with M2X
Reduce cost with M2X
Reduce distance with M2X
Reduce time with M2X

Optimise pick-up routes and interplant movements

M2X's advanced algorithms optimise farm-supply to plant allocation, tanker routes, and interplant product transfers to minimise trucking kilometres.

Designed for the unique constraints of dairy in Australia, creating practical and efficient schedules.
M2X dispatch software on displayed on multiple devices
M2X dispatch software on displayed on multiple devices

Automate Scheduling

Cut down admin time and enhance scheduling accuracy using optimisation tools to do the heavy lifting.

Intuitive interface and real-time feedback enable schedulers to work with planned schedules and update when conditions change - as they always do in the real world.

Streamline Carrier Management

Seamlessly collaborate with third-party carriers in one digital ecosystem from booking through to payment.
Work in real-time, centralise digital records, reduce errors and manual inputs, keep everyone on the same page.
Smart Scheduling
Digitise weekly schedules
& real-time updates
Route & Fleet Optimisation
Automate pricing & digitise
the reconciliation process with carriers
Automated Quoting
Reduce paper, emails
& phone calls
Driver Mobile App& Live Tracking
One ecosystem for everyone farmers, schedulers, carriers, drivers, plants, management
Inventory Tracking
Simplify information flows
- single source of truth
Analytics & Dashboards
Data-driven KPI management & reporting

Simplified Management of Dedicated Fleets

Truck Allocation

TMS for Planning, Dispatch and Accounts

Simple and smart tools that make planning and dispatch easier with visibility across your network. Streamline the accounts process and reduce administration with a single source of truth.

Boost operational efficiency

Reduced costly errors

Suggested Schedules

Route Optimisation and Suggested Schedules

The optimiser lays out the day's work in the most efficient and feasible way. Any changes and the truck is automatically re-routed. Easy and effective dispatching.

Increase your asset utilisation

Maximise your fleet's profitability

Increase Visibility across Plants

Real-time dashboards on tanker ETA's, incoming loads, and load volumes. Manage site congestion with tanker booking slot and optimisation tools.
M2X dispatch software on displayed on multiple devices
Optimised truck routing suggestion map on M2X desktop app

Centralise master data management and digital records

Construct and preserve robust master data by systematising institutional knowledge that currently rests with various stakeholders throughout the supply chain.

Improve data accuracy

Establish good governance processes

Maintain controls and audit trails

Enable strong data-based decision making

Seamless integrations

Streamlined integrations to ERP, accounting, and telematics systems.
Out-of-the-box solutions plus customised integrations if needed.

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"I’ve got my weekend back! It's really easy to use, I can quickly schedule plans for several days in advance. "
Matt Gavigan
Operations - BLU Logistic Solutions
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"We've recently embraced M2X technology. Like all industries, dairy farming has to meet its obligations towards climate change. Optimising routes to minimise distance travelled and using the latest emissions technologies are important steps".
Brett Hamilton
Group Transport Manager - Open Country
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"M2X provided us with the platform to onboard new customers/contracts, schedulers and drivers quickly. The M2X platform will support our use of data for continuous improvement of our milk collection business - from daily scheduling/dispatch to future pricing and invoicing".
Ben Nix
CFO - SRH Milk Haulage
Open Country Logo
"Moving to a digital platform was originally quite daunting; we have been using an excel run spreadsheet for a long time. Now with the addition of the M2X optimisation tool, it schedules all our collections for us. This has cut our scheduling workload in half".
Jess Greenwood
Logistics Improvement Coordinator - Open Country
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The M2X ecosystem brings stakeholders together securely and collaboratively with one consistent source of information and uses optimization to power smart decision making to increase efficiency.