TMS and E-Docket Solutions for the Australian Forestry Sector

Engineered for the Challenges of Australia's Remote Timberlands


The forestry sector in Australia faces unique demands, especially in the remote timberland regions. To address these challenges, the industry requires:

An advanced e-docketing, transport management, and invoicing framework that provides real-time information for every partner in the Australian forestry supply chain.

State-of-the-art e-docket management, digital oversight, and auditing tailored to local needs

Adherence to FSC forest management and traceability, complying with Australian standards

Integration with essential technology such as weighbridges and scalers, suited for Australian conditions

Visibility that's comprehensive, bridging all partners

Forestry Truck
M2X dispatch software on displayed on multiple devices

TMS and E-Docketing Crafted for Australia's Forestry and Logging Needs

Our solution, developed in conjunction with Australian forestry stakeholders, provides tools specifically designed for our log carriers and the broader forestry sector:

An interconnected digital ecosystem

Functionality in remote forest locations, even in areas without standard internet or mobile access

M2X dispatch software on displayed on multiple devices

A Digital Ecosystem

Real-time, connected insights tailored for the Australian forestry sector:

A centralised platform for managing your entire supply chain across the continent

Effortless communication with carriers, site operations, and harvest crews

Nurturing and reinforcing connections between carriers and other supply chain stakeholders

An Integrated Platform Connecting Partners

Tools carefully constructed for all partners within the forestry supply chain. Smart Scheduling, adapted for Australia's varied forestry conditions
Smart Scheduling
An intuitive Bookings App for harvest crews
Customised Dispatch tools for logging carriers
Automated Quoting
A specialised Driver App, crafted for Australian roads
Driver Mobile App& Live Tracking
E-Docket tools configured for forest owners and managers
Inventory Tracking
Electronic proof of delivery, optimised for mills and customers
Analytics & Dashboards
End-to-end Track & Trace capabilities, tailored to the Australian market
M2X dispatch software on displayed on multiple devices

Innovative Docket Number Sequencing

Our automated process eliminates the traditional docket books while retaining a comprehensive audit trail:

Centrally managed to ensure audit control

Adaptable configurations to align with individual needs

M2X In-App Collaboration across Carriers, Scalers, and Ports

Our smart and automated in-app pre-advice is designed to function in Australia's challenging remote locations

Complete visibility of pre-advice progress by all partners

FSC Traceability and Visibility by Forest

M2X retains FSC information unique to specific Australian forest locations

Utilising cutting-edge digital twin technology, we ensure supply chain partners in Australia have complete access to FSC details

Transport Management Tools Designed for Australian Forestry

Specialised mapping tools that chart the best routes and schedules

Consideration of off-road conditions, hazards, and local loading/unloading times

In-App Driver Hazard alerts, specifically developed for Australian drivers

Configurations for log truck and bunk to allow optimal planning and dispatch

M2X dispatch software on displayed on multiple devices

Eco-Focused Optimisation, the Essence of Our TMS Technology

Our intelligent routing and mapping tools reduce distances, time, and costs on Australian roads.
Enhanced efficiency that reduces wear and tear, contributing to safety on rural and forest roads

A TMS Committed to Sustainability Goals

Our passion lies in enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of Australia's forestry and logging supply chains.

Our locally designed technology elevates efficiency and minimises emissions through digital innovation and intelligent optimisation

Seamless Integrations

Integrations with ERP, accounting, and telematics systems, allow information to flow easily and accurately.
We have ready-to-use solutions, as well as bespoke integrations for unique requirements.

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"M2X detailed mapping and location details gives my drivers clear directions to the correct skid site. I really like the drop down boxes on the E-docket ensuring correct information goes to all parties".
Stephen Currie
Forestry Dispatcher, Philip Wareing Transport
"I now cannot imagine life without M2X, I love everything about it".
Forestry Truck Driver
Philip Wareing Transport
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