Modernising Fuel Distribution Networks

A Tailored Transport and Inventory Management System Built for Fuel


The fuel distribution industry requires an agile linkage between inventory and transport optimisation to enhance customer satisfaction

Disjointed approaches that optimise inventory and transport in isolation can spike transport expenditures and lead to stock imbalances - shortages in some areas, oversupply in others.
M2X dispatch software on displayed on multiple devices
M2X dispatch software on displayed on multiple devices

An Integrated Transport & Inventory Management System purpose-built for Fuel Distribution

With goals to bolster revenue, trim expenses, and amplify customer service, the fuel distribution sector requires innovation tailored to its unique needs.

The M2X Australian solution is designed precisely for the fuel industry's real-life complexities. Our software empowers you to serve your customers brilliantly in a compliant, cost-efficient way.

A unified digital ecosystem for all stakeholders in the fuel supply chain

Digital efficiency enhancements

World-class optimisation for fuel

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A Collaborative Digital Network for Fuel Distribution

A digital hub where all stakeholders can interact with consistent information, boosting real-time communication efficiency.

One centralised platform to govern your entire distribution network

Seamless communication between schedulers, dispatchers, drivers, suppliers & clients

A comprehensive replenishment, scheduling, and dispatch solution

Foster and amplify VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) capabilities, fuelling confidence to embrace high-value services for customers and locations

Digital Efficiency Gains

Digital transformation of your fuel distribution chain clarifies the "when to deliver" to ensure efficient "how to deliver" decisions. Full digitisation of “how much was delivered" and trip reconciliation supports accurate customer invoicing.

Slash administrative time, calls, and emails

Mitigate errors to forestall stock-outs, costly rush deliveries

Abolish superfluous processes

Effortless reconciliation of trips and inventory

Live updates and real-time visibility on upcoming and fulfilled deliveries

M2X dispatch software on displayed on multiple devices

Optimisation: The Cornerstone of Our Technology

A cohesive solution, with multifaceted optimisation layers designed for fuel inventory and transport.

Unparalleled customer service void of stock-outs, while maximising delivery and minimising costs.

Innovative Fuel Management Technology

Cutting-edge technology offering an unparalleled fuel solution via automation and optimisation
Smart Scheduling
Inventory forecasting and replenishment order generation
Route & Fleet Optimisation
Multi-faceted tanker mass loading optimisation
Automated Quoting
Route optimisation mindful of dynamic replenishment order priorities
Driver Mobile App& Live Tracking
Inclusive of VMI and CMI orders in optimisation and routing
Inventory Tracking
True mass management included in routing
Analytics & Dashboards
Fuel-specific driver app to record deliveries and ensure complete inventory accountability

Enhanced Visibility

A single comprehensive, centralised view of your entire transport network

Heightened visibility of your inventory, both in tanks and in transit

Pinpoint inefficiencies through in-depth analytics and real-time reports

Enhance transparency across every phase of your supply chain

Reconciliation, ensuring every litre of fuel purchased and sold is accounted for

M2X dispatch software on displayed on multiple devices

Seamless integrations

Integration with ERP, accounting, and telematics systems, for flawless, precise information flow.
We have both out-of-the-box and bespoke integrations to meet your requirements.

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More Than Software
The M2X team is devoted to collaboration with our clients to digitalise and optimise fuel distribution chains across the continent.
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