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March 22, 2024

How your TMS can Improve Your Customer Experience

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In today's fast-paced and highly competitive business environment, customer experience is paramount. Your business's success depends not only on delivering quality products but also on how well you manage the logistics of getting those products to your customers.

This is where a Transport Management System(TMS) can make a significant difference. Below, we will look at some key features of a TMS that can ensure your customer experience is exceptional, specifically diving into proof of deliveries, live tracking/ ETA estimates, and customer portal access, as well as the benefits these can provide your customer.

1. Proof of Deliveries (POD)

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Proof of Delivery, commonly known as POD, is a crucial feature of a TMS that can significantly enhance your customer experience. It involves providing your customers with conclusive evidence that their order has been delivered successfully while also seeing a record of events throughout the journey, including digital timestamps and geo-locations. Here's how POD improves customer satisfaction:

  • Transparency: With POD, customers can view and download delivery receipts, signed by the recipient, offering proof that the order arrived at its destination.
  • Peace of Mind: Customers appreciate the peace of mind that comes from knowing their order has been safely delivered. In case of any disputes or claims, POD serves as evidence of a successful delivery.
  • Real-time Notifications: Real-time message notifications can be sent to customers when the product is on its way, out for delivery, and when it has been delivered. This keeps customers both informed and minimizes uncertainty, while allowing the customer time to prepared if need be.
  • Reduced administration Inquiries: POD significantly reduces the number of inquiries and calls from customers wanting to know in-depth information about their delivery.

2.      Live Tracking of ETA Estimates

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Live tracking of Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) estimates is another indispensable feature of a TMS that can transform your customer experience. Customers today expect to have real-time visibility into the status and location of their orders. Here's how live tracking of ETA estimates benefits your customers:

  • Improved Planning: Customers can plan their day around the expected pickup or delivery times, reducing the chances of the customer missing a pickup or delivery.
  • Flexibility: Real-time tracking allows customers the visibility of where in the journey the product is, giving them the ability to adjust their schedule if needed.
  • Proactive Communication: If there are any delays or issues in the delivery process, your TMS can automatically notify the customer, ensuring proactive communication and managing customer expectations effectively.
  • Enhanced Trust: Offering real-time tracking builds trust with your customers. It shows that you care about their convenience and are committed to keeping them informed throughout the delivery journey.

 3. Customer Portal Access

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The third feature provides customers access to a dedicated Customer Portal through your TMS. This is where customers can take control of their jobs and bookings and benefit from having their own portal where history and record of events can be housed, providing the customer a better experience:

  • Self-Service Options: Customers can make specific requests, like changing the pickup and/or the delivery address, date of pickup/delivery, or providing special instructions, all through the Customer Portal. This allows customers to have control over their shipments while also providing real-time updates to the carrier and drivers with key information within the one platform.
  • Order History and Documentation: The portal typically provides access to order history, invoices, and PODs. This information is readily available to customers in the portal, reducing the time spent on inquiries between customer and carrier.
  • Feedback and Reviews: A well-designed Customer Portal can include feedback forms and review sections, allowing customers to share their experiences and provide valuable insights for improvement.
  • Branding and Personalization: You can customize the portal with your branding, creating a cohesive and professional look that reinforces your company's image and values.

In today's competitive landscape, your TMS is not just about streamlining your logistics but also about enhancing your customer experience. Proof of Deliveries, Live Tracking of ETA estimates, and Customer Portal access are key features that can significantly benefit your customers.

By offering shared digital views, peace of mind, and real-time information through POD within your TMS product, you're building trust and reducing customer inquiries and black spots. Live tracking of ETA estimates provides customers with real-time visibility and flexibility, improving their planning and overall satisfaction. The Customer Portal empowers customers, reduces administrative overhead, and offers a personalized experience. Investing in a robust TMS that incorporates these features will make your operations more efficient and significantly enhance your customer experience, ultimately leading to increased customer loyalty and business success.

Here at M2X, we work closely with our transport and logistics providers to customize the options available to meet their customers' needs. These include the timing and type of communications for their customers and partners and other requirements, including sign-on glass and proof of placement or quality photos. M2X prides itself on exceptional customer service and understands the needs of our clients to provide the same for their customers.

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Henry Parker

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