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October 31, 2022

Trucking Dispatch Software - Directly from the Experts

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What is Trucking Dispatch Software?

Defining Trucking Dispatch Software is a complicated task, as the concept is constantly evolving to meet the demands of the ever-changing logistics industry. At its core, Trucking Dispatch Software is often thought about as a tool to facilitate transport management. Trucking Dispatch Software includes a range of features to help increase the visibility of assets, create efficiencies, and automate processes. Most Trucking Dispatch Software allows users to:

  • Digitize their customer orders
  • Communicate schedules to drivers
  • Invoice and generate reports

Companies that adopt Trucking Dispatch Software will almost always observe how integral their chosen application becomes in the daily running of their business.

Who needs Trucking Dispatch Software?

A range of employees within a company will benefit from using Trucking Dispatch Software to complete their day-to-day jobs; these include:


  • Draw on the Trucking Dispatch Software to fulfil their operational role of scheduling, routing and communicating the work to drivers.
  • Once a driver commences their day, the Trucking Dispatch Software will allow the dispatch team to monitor the driver's progress as they complete their allocated tasks.


  • Receive work allocated to them by the dispatch team, often through a mobile-based version of the application.
  • As tasks are completed, drivers can relay their progress and any additional information that is relevant back to the dispatch team.


  • Have visibility of completed work and can review this before pricing it. This information can then be used to prepare an invoice for the customer.


  • Can utilize the Trucking Dispatch Software for insight into how the business is performing.
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4 Key Benefits of Trucking Dispatch Software

Ultimately, to be effective, Trucking Dispatch Software should improve the life of the people using it and positively impact the end customer. Here are some key benefits observed with the adoption of Trucking Dispatch Software.

Improved communication

  • Trucking Dispatch Software removes the need for many separate systems and databases to manage transportation and replaces them with one centralized platform allowing key business stakeholders to interact.

Improved visibility

  • With information being collected across multiple business divisions and presented in a single ecosystem, Trucking Dispatch Software offers an effective medium to view the entire business’s operations and performance in a central place.
  • From an end-customer perspective, the traceability of commodities is also improved. With information centrally stored, any issues that arise can be traced back to the source and resolved appropriately, ultimately improving customer satisfaction.

Improved efficiency

  • Through the digitization and centralization of existing processes, Trucking Dispatch Software can help to eliminate inefficiencies across the business.
  • Prior to a business adopting Trucking Dispatch Software, typical observations might include disjointed systems, multiple sources of data entry, and often very paper-based or spreadsheet-based systems. Trucking Dispatch Software enables a business to eliminate these redundant processes and work towards greater productivity, reducing overall business costs.

Improved scalability

  • Trucking Dispatch Software can be a facilitator of growth in that by allowing businesses to bring together all the benefits outlined above, decision-makers can make smarter choices about how to best scale their business.
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M2X Trucking Dispatch Software - Key Features

M2X is a cutting-edge, cloud-based Trucking Dispatch Software provider that offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to help transportation companies of all shapes and sizes achieve their business goals and deliver exceptional customer service.

M2X focuses on agriculture and rural transportation. M2X understands the nuances that arise as part of hauling products such as live cattle, fertilizers, stockfeed, dairy, farm equipment and much more. Acknowledging the complexities associated with farm deliveries, ever-changing clients’ demands, and stringent legal requirements, M2X is a purpose built Trucking Dispatch Software application designed to tackle these issues.

The features that set M2X apart from the rest include the following:

A digital twin technology

  • Defined as an environment where all the real-life data and constraints can be translated digitally.
  • Every location in M2X is depicted by pin drops on a map, including access and loading points, as well as access constraints and customer details.
  • This feature allows for better visibility when dispatching and provides in-depth information to the drivers.

Optimized load-dependent routing

  • M2X can recognize what is being carted and how to organize pick up and drop offs to maximize efficiency. The optimizer takes into account many variables, such as distance, time, weight, animal welfare and other regulatory restrictions, to generate the lowest cost and most efficient route.

Automated quoting

  • M2X has a purpose-built rating engine that offers a great deal of flexibility for businesses to configure their customer pricing taking into account a range of factors. Once the rates are loaded into the system, administrative staff can appreciate the ease of having jobs priced automatically for them by eliminating the time spent manually locating the correct rate to be applied.

Accounting integrations

  • Once a transport price is confirmed, M2X allows administrators to push all the transport data to the accounting packages to streamline reconciliation and invoicing. We have a range of out-of-the-box accounting integrations already in place; however we are constantly working with our clients to satisfy their requirements in this space.

Comprehensive analytics suite

  • Building on years of industry knowledge and collaboration with key logistics partners, M2X has developed an analytics suite that presents critical key performance indicators for transportation companies.
  • Businesses can leverage the M2X analytics package to identify specific areas of their business where improvement may be possible, act on these and then monitor the progress.

Dedicated around-the-clock support

  • Whether that be for technical assistance or just needing to know how to do something, the M2X team is always available to assist platform users.

Optimize & Streamline your Fleet Operations

Partnering with M2X gives you access to unique feature offerings that are unavailable on traditional Trucking Dispatch Software applications. M2X provides a platform that allows businesses to centralize and digitize their existing processes while also offering optimisation of routing and fleet scheduling. Simply put, we help companies overcome complex transport and logistics hurdles.

Book your free demo today, and let us show you how our Trucking Dispatch Software can supercharge your operations. Alternatively, you can contact our expert team; they'll be excited to walk you through how the M2X transport management system works.

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Harry Hornabrook

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